Life with Cannabis: Image & Video Submissions

Life with Cannabis: Image & Video Submissions


We want to show how the Cannabis industry is growing across the country and around the world. Who doesn’t like to show off their favorite cannabis flowers, new vape, special edition bong or want to share your new CBD types and more.

Send us your best images of the places, people, products and technology you find and we’ll display them here. We want to give you a place to share your love of cannabis with the world.

Images and videos should be your own original content or something you have permission to use. This way there is no confusion.

All images and videos must be of legal activities in places they’re permitted. You’ll retain full ownership of all submitted content, and we will give full credit (or guarantee anonymity) for anything we publish.

Email them to: [email protected]

Submission Guidelines

While we want this to be enjoyable we also have to make sure we do this in a way that’s sustainable and ethical. While providing a great platform to share on.

1- Image size <1.5mb
2- Video clip length <5 min


No sourcing: Do not ask for (or give) information on where or how to acquire cannabis or anything derived from it (extracts, edibles, THC, CBD, etc.), or make any posts involving meetups or other location-specific topics.

No personal attacks: Be respectful to fellow submitters – name-calling, rudeness, slurs, vulgarities towards other users, and trolling are not welcome here.

No minors: Cannabis Sentinel is strictly 18+ only, no exceptions (see here for more information on why).

Advertising: All forms of advertising and self-promotion are on a case by case basis. Please contact our sales dept for ad or sponsor opportunities. [email protected] We do encourage and engage in cross promotion that’s mutually beneficial as well.
This includes, but is not limited to, submissions promoting specific products or name brands, promoting Youtube or IG, and linking to online stores or other places designed to make money. We will work out something that works for everyone. Our goal is to build and promote the industry while also being able to pay for the content coming to you.

No NSFW/Porn: Do not submit nudity or any sort of explicit porn. No illegal activities or images or depictions of illegal activities.
No duplicate submissions please: For links, this involves any picture submitted in the previous 6 months.

Do not submit pictures of tagging/vandalism or encourage driving while high (including pictures where you are obviously driving while high), or make other harmful content to the Cannabis community or any community in general.
No submissions promoting political candidates: Submissions that endorse a political candidate, regardless of the connection to cannabis, are disallowed.



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