About Us

Cannabis Sentinel’s goal is to bring our professional media presence and experience to the cannabis industry.

We feel it’s particularly important to focus on accuracy and education — which we do by reaching out to new audiences, and dispelling the myths and misinformation that unfortunately still permeate this topic. The sheer level of this misdirection has hampered research and advocacy efforts, and prevented an entire industry from existing for decades. Recent progress in the cultural, political and financial areas has allowed the situation to change. Our aim is to support it.

This involves identifying the correct information and news from the continuing misdirection, and presenting it clearly in a way everyone can understand, across all demographics.

We will cover all relevant news topics: business, medical, law, politics, finance, culture and more, in a mature and modern way. This means avoiding any focus on “getting high”, get-rich-quick schemes, pseudoscience, overly-anecdotal reports, and of course “scare stories” from anti-cannabis groups.

Canna Source - Interview with Ryan Shaw
Reporting at Canna Source in Pueblo County, Colorado, 2017

Experience – Professional

The Cannabis Sentinel team has decades of news/media experience, and has covered the cannabis industry either directly or tangentially for several years — particularly (but not exclusively) where it has intersected with the worlds of technology and finance. We have put boots on the ground and traveled to cannabis events and locations to cover stories using various media forms.

Our decision to focus our attention now — to inform, educate, entertain and enjoy — came from our personal experiences with the people we’ve met and our readers who responded overwhelmingly positive to our coverage.

Reporting from the CryptoCannabis Conference 2017, Denver
Reporting from the CryptoCannabis Conference 2017, Denver

Experience – Personal

Some of us also have deep personal experiences that led to this point. These experiences have been political, medical, and social, but they have all arrived at the same place.

Cannabis Sentinel advocates for rational legalization. This involves proper education and proper resources. Perhaps more importantly, we advocate for those whose lives have been destroyed by the old justice system — whether incarcerated by unjust laws or living life with a criminal record, simply for using cannabis.

So Much More to Cover

The cannabis industry is now undergoing a major renaissance. New research, regulation and education has people around the world deciding it’s time to focus on benefits over demonization. We will bring you the news and provide a place to share your pictures and videos of your Life with Cannabis.

We look forward to you joining us.

Do you have any news, hot topics, requests or anything else you’d like to see on Cannabis Sentinel? Feel free to get in touch.




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